Quantity Surveying & Cost Management

Cost Planning

Early Cost Advice

The decision to build; is that the correct solution to your problem or do you want to refurbish your existing premises? Perhaps the solution is the “do nothing” option. We can help your decision making with broad brush cost yardsticks obtained from our project cost data base to generate and form a project brief and a possible project budget

Feasibility Studies

Various building options emerge from the inception phase, some seem more feasible than others. How are you going to reduce those options to the best solution? At this stage options are considered and tested for functionality technical and financially. We can draw on our expensive experience and construction cost data base to provide cost estimates in an elemental format for comparison purposes to narrow and define the options

Outline Proposal

At this stage there is some consensus for the design team focus towards a project solution as more detail comes to hand to enable the Client to agree to a likely solution for the construction proposal. We can begin to firm and confirm costings at this stage and ensure that the design is within the Clients overall project budget

Concept Design

The design is getting more settled at this stage with more detail being input by the respective design consultants and the specification becomes more formulated towards formal approval by the Client. Our role is to confirm the emergent design is still within keeping of the overall project budget with more detailed and cost checking specific items for the designers.

Detail Design

Detail design is in full production by this stage towards the culmination of a set of final tender documentation. We are preparing a full estimate of cost to provide the Client with a likely tender price and cost checks as necessary for specific items confirming items for the designers are still within the budget. Together with our experience of the current tender market conditions we will provide an accurate estimate of cost at this stage that should at least prove that the lowest tenderer is in fact the correct price.